Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about the used car that you are considering purchasing? Are you getting a reliable car at a reasonable price or are you buying yourself a set of problems? We can help you be a more informed used-car buyer! Before you buy a used car, either from a dealer or a private party, bring the vehicle in for a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) by one of our certified technicians.

In the last decade, more Americans are keeping their cars longer instead of trading in for a newer model vehicle. We also are buying older, used cars for teen drivers to save money as well. Keeping cars longer usually equates to operating them at higher mileage points. One “must do” service operation that all car, truck, and vehicle owners need to know about is timing belt replacement. Knowing about timing belt replacements ...

Minionki z balonów

Dzisiaj prezentujemy idealny pomysł na urodziny dla dziecka, które jest fanem Minionków. Są to dwa Minionki z balonów, które czekały na solenizanta w domu i wywołały u Niego ogromną radość.